OCMIS is the largest manufacturer in the world of hard hose travelers and rose to number one due to their superior quality, performance and features.

OCMIS Hard Hose
Irrigation Travelers/Reels

We have many models of Irrigation Reels to choose from– Our standard “R-Series” and our “VR series of Vario Rain” models with the most efficient turbine on the market.


Ocmis spray booms advantage are due to their speed and ease of use. They are made of galvanized steel to increase quality and lifecycle.


Scova Engine Pumps

Available this fall due to required “Tier 4” engine manufacturing delays worldwide.


• OCMIS has over 50 years of proven experience in the industry, manufactures the complete machine, is financially sound and has been present in this market for over 24 years.

• OCMIS was the first to develop and patent the Vario Rain turbine/gearbox which is the most efficient turbine and gearbox on the market.

• Our patented turbine requires less water and pressure to run the gearbox, allowing more water and pressure to flow through to the gun! Look at the throw!!! 

• OCMIS has a parts and technical service depot centrally located outside of Oklahoma City, OK (KID) which inventories parts to support your machines. We ship next day air to anywhere in the USA.
• OCMIS offers a galvanized chassis and gun cart as standard on their complete line of travelers. No one makes a broader range of sizes than OCMIS ranging from 1” to 5” i.d. and from 300’ to 2500’ in length.
• OCMIS has a large network of dealers who buy direct from the factory in Italy and therefore have a competitive price advantage often exceeding 20%.